Disaster Preparedness

Disasters can strike anywhere at anytime. They are indiscriminate, and may be in any form i.e. a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, hazardous spill, or a man-made event. Disasters may hit suddenly without warning, or one may develop over days or weeks. Every year, millions of Americans face disasters, and the terrifying consequences that follow.

Over the years, our area has experienced floods, hail, violent wind storms, tornadoes, minor earthquakes and severe winter storms. Because natural disasters often occur without warning, the fire department recommends that everyone be prepared for a disaster. Being prepared starts with having a family plan and a family disaster kit. These kits generally include, but are not limited to non-perishable food items, a manual can opener, one gallon of water per person per day, clothing, medications, flashlights, and a family communications plan. For more information see our link to either FEMA or the American Red Cross.

The Emergency Management Function of the Fire District Includes:

  • Effective and orderly governmental control and coordination of emergency operations in emergencies within the scope of Missouri Statutes.
  • Development and maintenance of the district's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.
  • Coordinates emergency management activities, services and programs within the district including:
    • Disaster preparedness education including CERT team training, and disaster planning for families and businesses.
    • Reviews and provides technical assistance for health care and educational facilities regarding their disaster response plans.
  • Serves as a liaison to the State Division of Emergency Management and other local emergency management agencies and organizations during a disaster.
  • Works in partnership with County, Regional, State, and Federal agencies to plan and prepare for disasters in advance of an event.

Homeland Security

Homeland security measures are undertaken as part of a cooperative effort between the various first responder agencies in St. Charles County, the State of Missouri, and the Federal Government.

Preparedness activities center on prevention and incident response. The Cottleville Fire Protection District works to support the prevention activities of local law enforcement agencies by maintaining a constant vigilance for indicators of terrorist activities. Unusual activities that are observed by fire personnel are forwarded immediately to law enforcement.

Response activities that have been undertaken by the Cottleville Fire Protection District include procurement and placement of weapons of mass destruction response equipment on fire apparatus, weapons of mass destruction response training, medical management training and mass decontamination training. Training is an ongoing process that takes into account the latest developments to combat terrorism.

For more information concerning homeland security, visit the Department of Homeland Security website.