Self Inspection Program

The Cottleville Community Fire Protection District has implemented a self inspection program for certain businesses within the District. This program provides an opportunity for the Cottleville Fire District and the Business Community to work together in providing a higher level fire and life safety.


The primary focus of this program is to provide fire and life safety inspections to the lower hazard businesses within the District, while keeping business disruptions to a minimum.


Our fire area covers over 38 square miles, with a day time population approaching 100,000 people within the District. With over 20,000 businesses located within the District, it takes two full time, and two part-time inspectors to accomplish the inspections on high hazard occupancies alone.


Although the targeted businesses are classified as low-hazard occupancies, the Fire District believes it is important to provide these businesses with appropriate information regarding the Fire Code and safety issues. In addition, the Fire Department believes that these businesses need to meet a reasonable level of fire and life safety standards for the benefit of the entire community. The self-inspection program will accomplish this, as well as help to control operational costs for the District, while providing better service to the community.

The Program:

The self-inspection program is a fairly simple concept. A packet is mailed to each business consisting of this cover letter explaining the program, a self-inspection checklist, and a return addressed envelope to be mailed back to the fire District, stating the inspection was completed along with other pertinent information.

Businesses are requested to respond within 30 days. After 30 days have passed, a reminder letter or phone call will occur. Those businesses that have not responded will be placed on the on-site inspection list, tagged for physical inspections by the fire department and may be charged an inspection fee. All targeted businesses will also be given the opportunity to request an on-site inspection if they choose not to participate in the self-inspection program.


The self-inspection program will target businesses that are statistically at a lower risk for fire. These include smaller occupancies of types Mercantile, Business, and Storage (examples include small offices, mercantile, hair salons, law offices, florist shops, etc.) In addition to periodic on-site inspections, the fire department can maintain a reasonable level of fire and life safety.


For the self-inspection program to be successful there must be a commitment on the part of Fire District, and the business community for this project to be continued and be implemented on a yearly basis. This program is designed to provide a long range solution to a much-needed service to the community. This best ensures continuity of our highest level of service to be provided to the business community, and to our citizens.

This program meets basic goals common to both the fire district and the owner/manager. These goals include maintaining a reasonable level of fire and life safety while providing a minimum of business disruption. It also allows us to focus our inspection efforts on businesses or occupancies that pose a greater risk with regard to fire and life safety.

To conduct the inspection:

1.   Check to see if your facility is in compliance with the fire code items listed in the survey form that you received in the mail.

2.   Fill out the following survey form including the contact information to be used in an emergency.

3.   Post the “Self-Inspection Guidelines” brochure in a conspicuous location so you can refer to it at any time during the year.

If you have any questions, comments for improvement, or if we can provide you with assistance regarding any part of this program, please feel free to contact the Fire Department at 636-447-6655