Heavy Rains Mean Potential Flooding

The onslaught of resent rains is likely to produce a flash flood/flooding hazard. Water may rise quickly, and will recede quickly. This does create some potential dangers for the public. Following are a listed of basic safety tips:

       Use caution and slow down while driving. The faster you go on a wet roadway, the more likely you are to hydroplane

       Do not drive into flood water; 2’ of water can cause your car to float

       If the road is flooded, find another route

       Be especially careful after dark as it can be difficult to see a flooded roadway

       If you become stranded in a flooded vehicle, exit and move to higher ground only if it is safe to do so

       Make sure your cell phone is charged so that, if you do become stranded, you can call for help

       Do not walk along flooded streets; 6” of moving water can sweep you of your feet

       If you are camping this weekend near a waterway, pay close attention to the weather and warnings from the National Weather Service. Our recommendation is do not camp near a waterway this weekend, if you are in the storm’s path.

       If you have a sump pump, check it in advance to ensure it is working properly

       If the storm is accompanied by high winds, be mindful of downed trees and/or power lines

Remember, not following some of these basic tips will not only endanger your life, but can needlessly endanger the lives of those charged with rescuing you.

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