State statutes assign the responsibility of fire protection to Fire Protection Districts. Therefore, Fire Protection Districts are responsible for adopting and enforcing Fire Codes. To help insure the safety, health and welfare; and, in general, to secure safety to life and property from all hazards incident to the design, erection, repair, or use and occupancy of all buildings, structures or premises in the Cottleville Fire Protection District , we have adopted Ordinance No. 23 - The Fire Prevention Code, which involves a detailed permit and inspection process.

Permit Applications (PDF)

Construction Permits

Fire permits enable fire protection districts to perform inspections that ensure your building and property complies with the adopted fire codes for fire and life-safety. Learn more about permits here.


Fire inspections help ensure the safety of everyone in our community by helping prevent fires. Please contact our Fire Marshal's office at 636-447-6655 ext. 2 to schedule an inspection.

Building Occupancy Permits

All businesses located within the boundaries of the Cottleville Fire Protection District are required to obtain an occupancy permit from the fire district prior to opening for business.