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Home heating fires major causes How to Dispose of Fireplace Ashes Safely The disposal of fireplace ashes is a serious and ongoing problem because one of the major causes of home fires is the improper disposal of hot fireplace ashes. When the weather is cold outside, a warm cozy fire is delightful. Once the fire is put out, many people simply scoop up their ashes and deposit them into their plastic trash container in the garage. But ashes can hold enough heat to ignite
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    Cooking Safety From 2008 to 2010, an estimated average of 164,500 cooking fires in residential buildings occurred in the United States each year and resulted in an estimated annual average of 110 deaths, 3,525 injuries, and $309 million in property loss.1,2,3 The term cooking fires includes those fires that were caused by stoves, ovens, fixed and portable warming units, deep fat fryers, and open grills, as well as those fires that are confined to the cooking vessel
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    Cottleville Fire District supports local food pantry

    Cottleville Fire District supports local food pantry
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    Fire Crews dropped of all of our Food Pantry collected items to the St. Joachim and Ann Care Center Services this morning, we had collected a total of 8 large totes full of grocery items for the needy. A huge thank you goes out to the Dierbergs at Midrivers Mall drive, both Schnucks locations at Midrivers Cottleville and the Harvester location, and the Shop N Save off of O'Fallon road at Hwy N for allowing us to collect at their location again this year. Another thank you goes out to the City of Cottleville for allowing us to borrow their large totes again this year! And finally, a huge thank you goes out to all who donated food items for this great cause!
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    More than 2,500 times every year the firefighter/EMTs of the Cottleville Fire Protection District respond to emergency calls from residents of Cottleville, Weldon Spring, Dardenne Prairie, St. Peters, and O’Fallon, Missouri. The District covers 38-square miles of southwestern St. Charles County and operates four fire stations. Firefighters respond to a variety of emergency situations including fires, hazardous materials incidents, motor vehicle accidents and medical emergencies.